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Prints available on request

"Fatal Eye"

"Eye in the Hallway"

"Night Eyes"





"Hand on Snake"


"Eye on the Ground"

tumblr_nruiipxwyc1smaw8bo1_1280.jpg retouchée.jpg




"Dark Ship"



"Hide in Blue"

Daniel Metro contrast - Antoine Plainfossé.jpg

"Daniel Underground"

"Kaleidoscope 1" 

"Underground Siren" 

"Pieuvre Bleue"

("Blue Octopus")

"Sky Cross"

"Broken Eye"

"Lila and Olivia"

lila and pire nottoyee finale _.jpg

"Ludo Low Angle"

Ludo Arcens with Award - Antoine Plainfossé  (1).JPG

"Maya through Glass"

"Hand on Glass"

"Novaé Mirror"

"Torn Eye"

"Maya in Pigalle"

"Red Face"

"Horses at Night"



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