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Film Director 


A short fashion film presented for the launch of VISAGE.

Featuring Maya Coline and Tanaig.

Role: Director - Writer - Producer  

"Reavember" - Trailer

A video highlighting the south side of Paris and the skateboarding of Tristan Helias and I during a period of one year. Shot in black and white.
This is the trailer. The full video is available on my youtube channel. 

Role: Director - Editor - Skateboarder




Experimental skate film weaving together the urban landscape of Paris and the haunting journey of a skater through the city.

Role: Director - Writer - Producer  - Skateboarder 

Co-Directed with Killian Lassablière 

"Visage de Luca"

A short portrait 
of photographer Luca Werner

Role: Director - Cinematographer - Editor



The first promotional video of VISAGE

Role: Director - Editor - Producer - Skateboarder


Street skateboarding video filmed between 2020 and 2023 across Paris, Milan and Barcelona

Role: Producer - Editor -


  • Blanc Icône Instagram
  • Vimeo - Cercle blanc
  • Blanc Icône YouTube
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