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Photo: Kiyana Tehrani



    Film director, artist, skateboarder based in Paris.

By inviting the viewer into his world, he shares his own introspective thoughts based on finding beauty and freedom.

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Antoine started street skating during his teens in south Paris: Palais de Tokyo, Montparnasse.

Few years later, he published his first skate video part, while pursuing his art studies and modeling experiences.

He studied at a public art school in Paris for one year and then in Berlin for a second year, at the workshop of an established artist.
It was during that time that he developed his first paintings, installations, photographs and art videos.

Then, he wrote and co-directed the short film UNWORDABLE.

This film was awarded at the 2019 SHOWStudio Film Awards by Nick Knight and was distinguished by local medias and TV as an innovative way of shooting skateboarding in Paris. 

The same year, he was appointed by Uniqlo amongst other parisian individuals for the 10 years anniversary campaign in Paris. 


In 2020, he created VISAGE PARIS, as a way to highlight the parisian skateboard scene and collaborate with other artists.


In the recent years, he participated in a few group shows with his photography and paintings, and in September 2023, he presented his first solo exhibition in Paris.


He is now working on new films and art projects.

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Client list includes:

La Maison des Arts de Creteil, Max Foucaut, Citizen Watch FR





For all inquiries:


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